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Sandra L. Kobel, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®

It Starts with Family

It is not often you find a seasoned financial services consultant with a background as unique and diverse as Sandra L. Kobel.

Born in North Carolina on an army base, Sandra L. Kobel learned discipline, respect, and commitment at a young age. Her father was an active duty military man who instilled the qualities of a soldier in each of his five children, including Sandra. Although the family moved throughout the country for several years, they finally settled down after deciding education was the greatest investment they could make in their children’s futures.

The Kobel family moved to Upstate New York and settled on a small farm where they adopted an entirely new way of life. Whether working in the vegetable garden in the summer sun, tending to horses and the barn, Sandra learned that you must roll up your sleeves and work hard to get the job done right. Daily chores on the farm granted Sandra a greater perspective on life, and she realized that teamwork and diligence were essential for the success of not just the farm, but for every endeavor.

Learned Lessons

However, it was not until Sandra walked onto her first field hockey pitch that she realized how her life experiences would play directly into her successes. As one of the best players in her league, Sandra was sought after by many universities to play field hockey.

At the University of Massachusetts, she played very competitive field hockey. The team advanced to the National Finals two times. In addition, she played on the United States Field Hockey Squad and with Stars and Stripes, an international travel team. After graduating with a degree in business and achieving global status as a natural competitor, Sandra spent time teaching younger girls the art of field hockey. She coached various field hockey camps, including the US Olympic Development Camp.

A Perfect Profession

After achieving what most would assume a fulfilling lifetime achievement, Sandra began her career in the financial industry as an agent marketing financial products such as mutual funds, insurances, and annuities. It was in the financial world that Sandra truly found her calling. She worked as a financial advisor for 11 years before becoming a vice president at HSBC bank. During her time with HSBC, sales grew 300 percent, and she provided technical support delivering ongoing education and training for approximately 120 licensed platform specialists and created reporting and tracking systems for insurance sales region-wide. She was also ranked number three nationally for her individual sales record and honored with the Circle of Quality Award.

Sandra is currently an independent financial planner who is experienced in several product lines including investment and wealth management services, and planning for those thinking about retirement or already in retirement. Her goal is to use her skills and wisdom to create a plan that will be valuable to you and your family during retirement.

However, her passion for the industry does not remain within the confines of her office. Sandra has made a guest appearance on PBS affiliate show “Financial Fitness,” as well as lectured on the basics of asset management for working and retired women at the American Association of University Women.

A Volunteer at The Heart of It

Although dedicated to her work, traveling and spending time in nature are two important aspects of Sandra’s life. In fact, she embarked on a trip to Kenya with Earthwatch, a charitable organization that sends volunteers to locations worldwide for scientific exploration and observation excursions. However, when it comes to volunteer work, Sandra’s heart lies with the inner-city children of Upstate New York. She routinely volunteers with Bethel Express, a non-profit organization that provides spiritual, physical and educational nourishment for children in need throughout Western New York.

Sandra’s life story is one of success, ambition, hard work and intellect. She continues to emulate every skill she has acquired throughout her lifetime. She is truly a unique individual with an intriguing story to tell, and she strives to do the best she can for her clients and in everything she does.

If your financial affairs need comprehensive financial or investment planning, or you are looking for a second opinion on a specific aspect, Sandra can help. Please give her a call at 585-381-8100 or email [email protected] to see how she can help you Live Life and Retire Ready.

What is CLU®?

The premier designation for insurance professionals. The Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®) became the insurance industry’s gold standard when launched in 1927. Today, it continues to be the designation for insurance professionals who desire to provide their clients with the security of life insurance and risk management. Since its inception, tens of thousands of financial services professionals have obtained this prestigious designation. With particular emphasis placed on ethics and commitment to clients, the CLU® has earned a distinguished reputation backed by security and stewardship.

What Is CFP®?

When your financial advisor earns the CFP® certification, it means he or she is trained to provide holistic and ethical financial planning in your best interest. So, with a CFP® professional, you’ll have confidence — today and tomorrow.

What Is ChFC®?

Your Chartered Financial Consultant® has completed the most extensive educational program required for any financial services credential. Each ChFC® has taken eight or more college-level courses on all aspects of financial planning from The American College, a non-profit educator with the highest level of academic accreditation.

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