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Let Us Help You Conquer Your Future

We don’t know what lies in the future. Make your contingencies with a good plan. Then live life.

Sandra guides you in setting priorities, organizing your assets and determining long term financial targets that support your lifestyle

Get To Know Each Other

You will receive information about me, my team, and our planning process. You will fill out worksheets that will help us better understand you and your financial situation.

Initial Meeting

We will get to know each other. We will explain how our financial planning process works, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and decide if you feel comfortable proceeding and we are the right team. If you do, you will provide us with the necessary documents to draw up a plan that suits your core personal and financial values. We will write a letter detailing the steps we will take.

Data Review

We will go to work accessing all your financial information and making sure it is complete and accurate. With that data and your goals in mind, we will work to identify any obstacles and search out opportunities that best serve your needs. Then we will draw up a unique plan that will guide us toward achieving your goals.

Work Session

Here we will present the first draft of your financial plan, allowing you to ask questions and provide important feedback. We will outline areas of weakness and strength in your current situation and how the financial plan addresses them. Together, we will evaluate different scenarios and establish what best matches your vision for the future.

Strategic Plan

Our team is now ready to draw up a comprehensive financial plan that addresses your unique and personal goals. We will meet and go over it, addressing the timeline and strategies for dealing with changes in your life and in the markets.


The final step in the financial planning process is putting the plan into action. This is not a single action, but more like a stairway where we carefully climb one step at a time. Your life is full, and we try to make it easier, including collaborate with your tax and legal advisers as needed.


We will meet regularly with you to reflect, review and discuss your plans. Know that we will monitor your portfolio and make adjustments as opportunities or concerns arise for you and your family. The markets and laws change regularly, and you will have a strong team staying informed.

Start Your Journey

"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."

- Lao Tzu